How Business Cockpit Calculates Your Customer Lifetime Value

(...And Why Is It Important For Your Business!)

Failing to calculate it can put you behind your competitors. But with the NEW Business Cockpit, you’ll know the exact numbers necessary to be profitable and push your business ahead of the pack.

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3 Ways the NEW Business Cockpit Can Make Your Business More Money

Focus On Your Profitable Customers

Some customers are more important than others. Returning customers spend 3x the amount that first-time shoppers do! When you know your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), you can optimize your acquisition spending for maximum value.

Make Better Decisions With Reliable Data

Track customers through the entire sales funnel, notice relevant patterns, and use that data to improve the customer experience,  (while increasing the bottom line!)

Higher Conversions. More Sales

When you know your conversion rates you know exactly what you need to optimize to make your sales funnel more profitable.

How the Business Cockpit Improves Your Marketing

  • Get more customers without overspending on advertising by knowing your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).
  • Get all the data you need to make the best decisions (say goodbye to “flying blind”).
  • Compile the most important figures in a comprehensive overview.
  • No more relying on assumptions and opinions, but on facts and numbers.
  • Make only the adjustments your sales funnel needs to be profitable.

15 Key Figures In The Business Cockpit That Help You Make Your Business More Profitable

Customer lifetime value

Get reliable numbers that help you set clear budgets for customer acquisition.


Review your sales on a daily basis and see exactly how much your products are earning.

Earnings Per Click

Know immediately whether your campaigns and promotions are under budget.


Review your total earnings per day, per week, per month or per year and see how your earnings develop over time.

Current Subscriptions

See your minimum earnings for the coming month.

Coming Payouts

Know exact payout dates so that you can better monitor your cash flow.


Learn who likes your products and who doesn’t.

Subscription Cancellations

Identify unwanted trends in your business so that you can adjust quickly.


Know how many people have visited your order forms or clicked on your promolinks

Conversion Rates

Know the conversion rates of your funnel so that you can optimize your campaigns.

Top Products

Get a top-level overview of your earnings, turnover, sales figures and cancellation rates.

Top Affiliates

Get the details on your most successful affiliates, including turnover and sales figures.

Top Vendors

Get all the details about the most successful vendors and how much you earn by recommending their products.

KPI Table

See which campaigns work well and which don’t.

Promolink Generator

Create personal affiliate links for your partners with just a few clicks.

”What gets measured, gets improved. You can only improve what you can reliably measure!"

Sven Platte, founder of Digistore24

4 easy steps to set up your Business Cockpit

1. Register for free

Go to, click on "Register now" and sign up for free.

2. Set up your sales funnel

Set up your products and your sales process with the Conversion Cockpit.

3. Determine key figures

Determine the key figures that are important for your business in order to manage it safely.

4. Set up Business Cockpit

Set up your Business Cockpit and add your key figures via "Add tile".

Start using the Business Cockpit today and make your business more profitable!

Use our step-by-step instruction now to make safe decisions for your business.

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